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Sorry, can’t hear you – I’ve got vacation head!

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Life is an adventure


We love to travel. Join us and learn new ways to see the US. 

I’ve always felt a connection to the poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken.” It speaks of a man who chose one path but always wondered what might have been down the road he didn’t choose.

We’ve all felt that way sometimes, I think. Wondering how life might have turned out if we had done this instead of that, or taken another direction. We’ve all sometimes felt restless, or wished to travel beyond our little corner of the world.

Rick and I have always wanted to explore the United States by RV, going wherever our imagination took us, staying until another destination beckoned. For now, we are stationary, living in the perpetual sunshine of Arizona and working towards our dream of being nomads. Until that day, we travel when and where we can. 

We’ll bring you along on our journey, through pictures, prose, and videos. We’ll tell you about the things we’ve done and the lessons we’ve learned – for learning is a lifelong adventure!

Since I have limited mobility, we’ll tell you about places that are easy to see for those with similar challenges. We’ll also give you tips and tricks and ideas for budget-friendly adventures.

We welcome your company on the journey!

~ Dee

“I’m on my way, I know not where, I only know I’m going; I’ve nothing but time to take me there and nothing to seek but the knowing.” ~ d.wylie

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